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alas another day...

3 February
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i'm a senior at SFSU.
i'm on our most awesome forensics team.
i love ultimate frisbee
i love music. whether it is going to shows, collecting cds, or singing, i'm down for all of it. music is life...
12 stones, a xmas story, a7x, afi, al green, alice in chains, amadeus, amlie, anchorman, anthem, badly drawn boy, beethoven, ben harper, black beauty, bleeding through, boy meets world, boys to men, brand new, bury your dead, bush, cake, caliban, carousel, catcher in the rye, chicago, co&ca, common, counting crows, crash, csi, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, dead prez, deathcab for cutie, debussy, dmb, dodgeball, donovan, dredg, elf, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, elo, empire records, eve6, farenheit 451, fight club, fight paris, finding neverland, fiona apple, first knight, foo fighters, garden state, gilmore girls, glassjaw, goodfellas, harry potter, head automatica, hey arnold, high fidelity, incubus, interpol, iron chef, jack johnson, jeff buckley, jefferson airplane, jimmy eat world, kanye west, live, longwave, lost prophets, ludacris, lynyrd skynard, madball, mallrats, mars volta, matthew, memento, mogwai, mozart, muppet treasure island, muse, musiq, nerd, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, no doubt, no innocent victim, nodes of ranvier, office space, old school, on broken wings, pearl jam, pete yorn, ptw, queen, radiohead, rascal flatts, reflux, ryan adams, save ferris, scars of tomorrow, shawshank redemption, sigur ros, silverchair, skycamefalling, sleepless in seattle, smashing pumpkins, snatch, sparta, stereophonics, stone temple pilots, sublime, tchiakovsky, terror, the babysitters club, the boxcar children, the catholic faith, the chronicles of narnia, the early november, the family guy, the fountainhead, the fugees, the glory field, the muppet xmas carol, the nightmare before xmas, the roots, the simpsons, the smiths, the tortilla curtain, the virgin suicides, throwdown, thursday, tonic, trust company, underoath, unearth, walls of jericho, wedding crashers, weezer, with honor, xmas vacation, zao, zoolander