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11:23 pm: feeling sappy
so. when i walked into the newsroom today, the assignment editors, tamara, bonnie, and even mike, were all smiles and laughter. apparently a good friend of theirs just got engaged. so what the guy did, for their friend, was amazing... they were on a trip to san luis and they went on a picnic like they usually do. but the wine bottle he brought for her, was a special label with about two paragraphs full of memories, dates, and other lovey dovey items. the guy had their fave wine company print a special label for this bottle of wine. and after that, they headed to dinner, where he had another surprise for her. she's really close to her family, so he organized it so her close family members were there at the restaurant to share their good news. he's been organizing this since december.

at times, i wish that i were a guy, cause i have so many ideas that could totally make a girl swoon. or, maybe, i just need to be a lesbian. actually, stop that. i like guys a little too much for that to happen. so, scratch that last idea. but seriously, i know that i joke a lot about ending up a spinster crazy cat lady with only my cats to keep me company. but sometimes i wish for somebody. for a soul mate, for a best friend, for a constant companion to be with me for the rest of my life. somebody who gets me, and somebody who i get. i see friends getting engaged and married and it's scary. but i think i could be ready for it someday. i could be ready to commit to somebody. to get over my fears of rejection, disappointment, and hurt, and just go for it. to love somebody completely body and soul. and to not run away when things get too serious or too tough...
and if not... i guess i'll always have my cats.....

wow. this turned into a sappy emo post really fast. jeebus. sorry guys...

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Date:April 25th, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
dude, i'm totally down for the revolution. break the gender norms! revolucion!

next time we're playing frisbee, i'll be on the lookout for a flower. one just for you :)
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